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Our story

Our Story began in 2020 from the rich high-altitude region of Taraba State, one of the North Eastern Nigerian states created in 1991. From the experienced hands of our 800 coffee farmers as red berries in the farms to creating the absolute best coffee blend and brew just for you.

We ensure that you acquire satisfaction that transcends quality sensory feel and taste. Zuma Coffee brings you a deep sense of belonging to our rich African heritage. The enchanting delicious aroma, those warm smiles, the exceptional taste and the connection. Coffee makes every moment good, We bring out the best in every moment making it worthwhile.

And you get a feeling, it’s called ZUMA COFFEE! We have captured the incomparable goodness of coffee in a cup.  Sourcing for something new to warm your soul? seeking the best brew method? or your favourite blend?  you are just where you need to be now. The distinct natural aroma that comes from our coffee gives us wings to fly far above others.

Zuma Coffee gives you a chance to have a taste of Nigeria from a most pleasant and stylish view. It connects with you and understands the needs of your senses and fulfils them perfectly

Our Root

We harvest our coffee from the rich environment in the high-altitude region of Taraba State.

Taraba State is one of the North Eastern Nigerian states created in 1991 with Jalingo as its state capital and this state is referred to as the third-largest in Nigeria with 54,473 km2. The mountainous features and cold temperatures have made the state a great destination for site seeing, tourism and a great environment with favourable climatic conditions for coffee cultivation. Mambila Plateau in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria is the home of our amazing coffee, becoming exquisite with the pampering touch of our coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee Sojourn into Nigeria

Coffee is being cultivated across the length and breadth of the Mambila plateau in Taraba State which is the highest point in Nigeria. The coffee farm began with the coming of Kenyans who brought in some coffee seedlings to the people of Kabri, Jabu, Kuma, Chana, Yamya, Humrumgora who till today cultivate the crop.

After the coffee seedlings were shared among other villages, the Mambila coffee farm was established and became one of the country’s heritage. The farm area is known as the coldest place in Nigeria (with about13°C or below) and it also houses the Chappal Waddi mountain which is the highest point in Nigeria at 2,419 meters high.

Why Zuma Coffee

Sourcing our Arabica and Robusta coffees from the Mambila Plateau in Taraba State in the North Eastern part of Nigeria is intentional. We have been able to consciously bring back coffee cultivation to a people who decades ago pride themselves as the highest producers of Nigerian-grown coffee. Patronizing us means keeping idle farmers busy on their coffee farms, engaging women and young adults to secure gainful employment at our processing and packaging arms. This helps to bring the whole community dwellers together under one roof where grudges from age-long communal clashes are squashed. Most of the about 800 farmers working with Zuma Coffee have been able to relocate from the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps to their newly constructed homes after insurgency robbed them of their ancestral homes.

Provision of health care services and return to schools were made possible since Zuma Coffee was established in Taraba State. Zuma Coffee is not only contributing to a better life for about 800 coffee farmers who work with us and their dependents, but also to all who engage in the coffee value chain. We rely on you to further spread our wings of operation to about 2,500 farmers, whose lives would change for the better because of your patronage. We only do not want to stop at the male coffee farmers, but also keep engaging the northern women in productive ventures. About 3% of the rural women were few who were productive, but at our appearance, about 30% of them got a new lease on life. This shows we can do more with you as our support system. The warehouse we currently occupy in Gembu on the Mambila Plateau had not been patronized for over a decade but got back its grove upon our arrival.

Zuma Coffee is working to make the world a better place, a community at a time and our customers at large; to allow our customers to share in our rich cultural heritage and in turn; bring education, a source of livelihood and shelter affordable to our local farmers.

Our Partners

Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN), The National Coffee and Tea Association of Nigeria (NACOFTAN), Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC)