‘Is that my entire month’s salary I see beside that machine?’ He exclaimed. ‘I am a coffee lover but do I really need a personal coffee machine? He continued. ‘Why are espresso machines so expensive?’

An espresso machine is a specialized device designed to brew coffee by forcing nearly boiling water through finely ground coffee beans under pressure. This process produces espresso, a concentrated coffee beverage that is the foundation of many popular coffee drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and americanos.

While there are other methods to make an espresso, a machine-made espresso has the unparalleled ability to extract the full richness and depth of coffee at the precise temperature and pressure required for the perfect shot. This process not only maximizes the extraction of flavours but also creates the crema – a creamy, aromatic layer that embodies the essence of a true espresso. The crema enhances the texture and serves as a hallmark of quality, indicating a properly executed extraction.

Expensive Coffee Machine vs. The Economy

An Espresso Machine

 In a Country like Nigeria where the economy is having an identity crisis, it is understandable why some people cannot imagine investing what can come to a whole month’s (or even a year’s) on a coffee machine. Even some coffee lovers say they cannot invest in a quality coffee machine. They ask the same question this post will address.

The $20,000 Espresso Machine – The Manument Leva Machine

At first, I thought it was a joke, I even tried to find a purchase link and realized that the company did not have the machine on Amazon. They didn’t even have a pricelist or link to buy on their website

In this video, James Hoffman does an incredible job in reviewing the Manument Leva Espresso Machine. Below is a summary of what he shares –

The MANUMENT Leva Espresso Machine is a high-end, lever-operated espresso machine that costs around 19,000 euros ($20,000), designed for enthusiasts seeking top-quality craftsmanship and technology in their coffee-making experience.

The machine is notable for its heavy construction (44 kg) to allows one-handed operation of the lever, and features such as a tall lever for easier use, wood accents, and a design that resembles a microscope.

It includes unique technological features like a flow control lever and a temperature dial accurate to 0.1°C, although the dial’s non-linear design limits precise temperature settings.

The machine uses a 55mm portafilter, which is considered an unusual size and comes with various accessories, including a tamper, baskets, and a cleaning tool. However, the tamper doesn’t fit perfectly, and the machine doesn’t include a dosing ring.

The espresso machine offers a luxurious experience with its always-available espresso capability, without the need for preheating, and the potential for its technology to be incorporated into other equipment in the future.

The first thing I noticed in the video was the machine’s sleek look. One would not imagine that aesthetics play a role in the value of a thing but the espresso machine begs to differ.

The other interesting bit of the Monument is the silence when it pulls a shot of espresso. Maybe because I am used to hearing a sound on other machines but the silence was beautiful. 

At the end of the video, Hoffman answers the question, why are espresso machines so expensive? In this particular case, he asks if the Manument is worth $20.000. See the video to hear his thoughts.

3 Reasons Why Espresso Machines Are So Expensive

  1. Espresso machines are expensive due to the complexity of their manufacturing process, which requires high-quality parts like boilers and pressure stats to maintain consistent temperature and pressure for brewing espresso.
  2. The low demand for espresso machines compared to other home appliances leads to less competition and higher prices, especially for high-quality commercial machines.
  3. Durability is a key factor, as espresso machines are designed for long-term use, necessitating investment in quality materials and components.


In a nutshell, durability, technology, and expertise are reasons why an espresso machine is expensive.

If you’re unsure about taking the plunge, think about what you prioritize in your coffee experience. For those who envision espresso, the cost is not just justified; it’s necessary.

So, while you weigh your options, keep in mind: that in the realm of coffee, as in life, you often receive what you pay for. And for something as special as your morning brew, why settle for anything less than exceptional?

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