Been to your favorite cafes and ordered a cup of cappuccino or espresso, bet you loved it enough to go back; something you definitely enjoyed and wish you could make for yourself at home. Now, that is the goodness of Specialty Coffee. Specialty coffee refers to the highest grade of coffee with distinct flavors grown on high altitude lands from Coffee berries.

However, “instant” coffee, which Nescafe largely popularized, is what the majority of Nigerians refer to as coffee. The process of making Specialty Coffee is quite different. But the first distinction is in the caliber of the beans. Typically, Robusta beans—which are of lower grade than Arabica beans—are used to make instant coffee.



There are many nice tasting Coffees out there that aren’t specialty. So, why even drink specialty coffee in the first place especially when it isn’t exactly affordable when compared to Instant Coffee?

The answer: Specialty Coffee is big on Quality.



Many speciality enthusiasts would argue that coffee doesn’t get any better than the speciality variety. The taste, the aroma are simply incomparable. So, if you love tasting great coffee, choose a specialty coffee. 

It’s called ‘specialty’ for a reason…