I consciously started learning about coffee four months ago – From learning the history of coffee to the types of coffee and even how coffee is grown and fertilized, this new knowledge has created new pathways in my brain. Then I had a bright idea the other day – how about a coffee quiz?

I did not do very well in the quiz but I assure you my knowledge of coffee is no longer rookie-level.

How about you?

Are you a true coffee lover or just beginning to explore the rich world of Java? Below is a fun quiz to test your knowledge about the different types of coffee and stories you know about coffee. The answers are at the end of the most. Complete the quiz for yourself before checking the answers. Let’s brew this!

top view coffee cups with different types of coffee
Different types of coffee

Coffee Quiz – Test Your Knowledge of the Types of Coffee

  1. Which of these is NOT a real coffee drink?
    • a) Affogato
    • b) Ristretto
    • c) Marocchino
    • d) Steamoso
  2. What type of coffee uses a shot of espresso combined with steamed milk?
    • a) Espresso Con Panna
    • b) Caffè Latte
    • c) Macchiato
    • d) Americano
  3. Which of these coffee types is traditionally served sweet?
    • a) Turkish Coffee
    • b) Flat White
    • c) Doppio
    • d) Cortado
  4. Identify the fake coffee type:
    • a) Cuban Delight
    • b) Vienna Coffee
    • c) Galão
    • d) Frappuccino
  5. What type of coffee would you be drinking if it was primarily drip-brewed?
    • a) Cappuccino
    • b) Filter Coffee
    • c) Café Crema
    • d) Mocha
  6. Which coffee type is known for its layer of cream?
    • a) Espresso
    • b) Irish Coffee
    • c) Breve
    • d) Nitro
  7. Choose the made-up coffee type from the list:
    • a) Lungo
    • b) Chairoccino
    • c) Piccolo Latte
    • d) Red Eye
  8. What style of coffee includes a double shot of espresso mixed with hot water?
    • a) Espresso Macchiato
    • b) Caffè Americano
    • c) Caffè Misto
    • d) Cappuccino
  9. Which coffee type is originally from Australia or New Zealand?
    • a) Flat White
    • b) Caffè Corretto
    • c) Café au Lait
    • d) Kopi Tubruk
  10. Identify the fictional coffee drink:
    • a) Gibraltar
    • b) Espresso Tonico
    • c) Frothacinno
    • d) Affogato
  1. Which coffee is made by pouring hot water over ground coffee, which is contained in a filter?
    • a) Espresso
    • b) French Press
    • c) Pour Over
    • d) Caffé Latte
  2. Pick the incorrect coffee pair based on its standard preparation method:
    • a) Cappuccino – Steamed milk
    • b) Espresso – Pressure brewed
    • c) Mocha – Without Chocolate
    • d) Macchiato – Marked with milk
  3. Which of these coffee types is crafted with condensed milk?
    • a) Turkish Coffee
    • b) Cafe Bombón
    • c) Caffè Mocha
    • d) Caffè Crema
  4. Identify the coffee drink that is known for being ice-blended:
    • a) Caffè Freddo
    • b) Affogato
    • c) Frappé
    • d) Espresso con Panna
  5. Choose the made-up coffee type:
    • a) Black Eye
    • b) Speedball
    • c) Shakerato
    • d) Froth Brew


How did you do? This test is for you and is fun so make sure you attempt the questions before looking at the correct answers below.


  1. d) Steamoso – This is a made-up coffee type.
  2. b) Caffè Latte – Known for its shot of espresso combined with a considerable amount of steamed milk.
  3. a) Turkish Coffee – Traditionally served sweet with a dense layer of grounds at the bottom.
  4. a) Cuban Delight – This is a fictional coffee drink.
  5. b) Filter Coffee – Typically drip-brewed, using a filter.
  6. b) Irish Coffee – Known for its distinctive layer of cream on top.
  7. b) Chairoccino – This is a made-up name and not a real type of coffee.
  8. b) Caffè Americano – Made by adding hot water to a double shot of espresso.
  9. a) Flat White – A coffee style that originated from Australia/New Zealand, characterized by a velvety microfoam.
  10. c) Frothacinno – A fictional name, not an established type of coffee.
  11. c) Pour Over – Made by pouring hot water directly over coffee grounds in a filter.
  12. c) Mocha – Without chocolate – Mocha is prepared with chocolate, making this pair incorrect.
  13. b) Cafe Bombón – Notable for its use of sweetened condensed milk.
  14. c) Frappé – A type of coffee that is blended with ice to create a frothy, chilled drink.
  15. d) Froth Brew – A fictional coffee type created for this quiz.

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