So after my confession yesterday, I started thinking about why we love coffee. Have you ever asked yourself that question? When you reach for your coffee first thing in the morning, do you wonder why that is? Or has a cup of coffee become a habit, and you don’t even think about it?

Even if you aren’t a coffee lover, you know that coffee and coffee drinking is beyond just having a cup of your needed beverage. Coffee has a language, a community, and a growing culture. What makes this delightful brew a cherished part of our lives?


Introduction –

Earlier, I ran into a colleague on my way back from the store. As soon as I mentioned coffee, his face lit up. ‘My fellow coffee head.’ He exclaimed.

‘Well, not quite,’ I chuckled. ‘I haven’t had coffee in months and chose to drink for my ‘why we love coffee’ journal piece this morning.

‘Oh, but coffee is good for you, you know?’ He protested. ‘Very healthy.’

‘Why do you love coffee?’I engaged him. I could feel a coffee journal entry forming in my head. ‘Tell me 3 reasons you love your coffee so much?’

As he shared, I wondered if he actually liked coffee for those reasons or if he made some reasons up to answer my question.

I reached out to two other coffee-loving friends with the same question and their responses are universally shared by coffee lovers.

The Interviews – Why We Love Coffee

Why We Love Coffee
  1. My friend Sarah calls herself the queen of brews. I asked Sarah what her favourite thing about coffee is. Sarah – ‘Oh, it’s always the taste for me. I love exploring different beans and roasts. Each cup of java is a mini adventure and an imaginative trip into the craftsmanship that goes into creating a unique flavour profile.
  2. Alex is a yoga enthusiast and enjoys taking many sips of different brews. I asked him the same question. Alex – ‘It’s the small joys in enjoying a cup. The morning ritual of holding a warm cup, enjoying my sips and preparing to get on my yoga mat. It’s therapeutic for me.
  3. Efe is a tech chick and is always on her computer. Even though she has cut down on daily coffee consumption, she said this – ‘Coffee is my trusted sidekick in conquering tasks. I don’t want that daily stimulation, but I recognize when I need it and allow myself to indulge.

3 Reasons We Love Coffee

Why We Love Coffee
  1. Taste:

One reason we love coffee is undoubtedly the taste. Sometimes it’s the rich, bold flavour of a dark roast and other times, it is the subtle sweetness of a well-balanced blend, or anywhere between the diverse profiles that are pure bliss for the taste buds.

  1. Aroma:

Some non-coffee-drinkers confess to being enchanted by coffee’s aroma. There’s something enticing about how the fragrance of fresh coffee fills the air. It’s like a warm hug from that friend you like to hug.

  1. Stimulation:

The energizing kick of caffeine in coffee cannot be missed. Sometimes it enhances focus and productivity. Other times it can elicit feelings of anxiety and heart palpitations. As a stimulant, many people drink it for increased focus and productivity.

Personally, coffee is not just about the drink but also the stories woven into each cup, the communities formed around coffeehouses, and the cultural richness expressed through diverse brewing methods. It’s a journey of appreciation, understanding, and occasional sips of inspiration.


Whether you are a dedicated coffee lover or an occasional sipper like me, there’s no denying the timeless appeal of coffee. The three reasons of taste, aroma and stimulation covered in this post are a small portion of the many reasons people love to drink coffee. Tell me, why do you love to drink coffee?

The reasons covered here differ from those focused on coffee’s health benefits. See this post for more reasons people love coffee and raise a cup to the magic of coffee – a beverage that transcends its liquid form, becoming a source of joy, connection, and daily inspiration.