Coffee Journals are not just about expressing your love for coffee but are also about navigating attempts to quit or cut down your coffee intake.


I was seated across from my boss, contemplating confessing my recent departure from the world of coffee consumption, when he said ‘Give Ese a cup of -.’ He looked to me to confirm my preference and a reluctant half-smile emerged on my face. “I won’t be having a cup,” I managed to utter. His eyes widened in disbelief, ‘A coffee blogger who doesn’t drink coffee.’ I wasn’t sure if it was a smile or a smirk.

When I first started exploring coffee a few months ago, I was certain that exploration would deepen my love and curiosity about coffee. Still, so far, the opposite has happened. Instead of beating myself up or writing from others’ perspectives, I shall explore coffee as a non-drinker. I will drink coffee occasionally for experimental and writing purposes. I will also explore coffee on Thursdays bringing you the latest coffee equipment, news and stories as I find them.

The journey into the world of a coffee writer with a caffeine-free stance is chronicled here on Tuesdays.

A Coffee Journal

As a coffee lover, the above journal can help your coffee logs. By the end of this post, I shall introduce another coffee journal idea that’s great for non-coffee-drinking, coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee Journal – Confessions Of A Coffee Skeptic

A colleague at Yoga School noticed that when fellow yoga students suggested hanging out after classes, in response, I would audibly question, ‘Do I genuinely want to join, or is this peer pressure?’ While this often elicited laughter from everyone, this colleague wanted to understand why I engaged in this self-dialogue and frequently opted out after reflecting on whether my decision was influenced by peer pressure.

Reflecting on my coffee journey, I recognize that my coffee drinking was more a product of peer pressure than a genuine affinity for the beverage. It began with external influences – a boyfriend’s preference that became my daily routine. The end of that relationship ended my coffee consumption until I made some coffee-lover friends. Ditto – peer pressure.

Group Drinking Coffee

How I Keep A Coffee Journal As A Non-Coffee Drinking Writer

Like this author, I was drinking coffee for the wrong reasons too. I figured if so many people like it to the point that coffee is a culture, I should like it too. I started drinking coffee again and made many interesting friends over coffee conversations and spaces. My taste for the beverage remained average. I occasionally enjoyed the jolt some cups provided but my mind always had to contend with what to expect. As a sweet tooth, the taste stayed bitter. My taste buds never acquired them.

As I put my thoughts together for this post, it felt like the right way to log a coffee journal – truly exploring what comes up for you not what you have been influenced to like/love. Here’s a free journal prompt for you – ‘Why Do You Love Coffee?’ Try to write more than 2 sentences in response to that. Also try this, ‘Recall and write about your first experience with coffee.’ Allow the words to flow on the page (or screen) as you recall and capture those memories.

You may not be a coffee lover that wants to explore and that’s ok. If you feel drawn to trying this, then give it a good. Share your experience sometime if you want.

Free Coffee Journal For Non-Coffee-Drinking, Coffee Enthusiasts

Consider this page your Free Coffee Journal and start or join conversations about your journey with coffee.

My intention with this exploration is not to dissuade anyone from their coffee indulgence but to explore coffee as an impartial observer.

Every Tuesday, I’ll share my discoveries, insights, and the peculiarities of being a non-coffee-drinking writer immersed in the world of coffee lovers and enthusiasts.


As part of this exploration, I’ll delve into the minds of coffee lovers, seeking to understand their passion, rituals, and the stories behind their love for the brew. Through interviews and observations, I aim to capture the essence of coffee culture without the influence of personal bias.

My journey as a non-coffee-drinking writer of coffee is an open-ended experiment. I will occasionally drink coffee for experimentation and writing, or maybe just because. It is the days of daily consumption that are behind me.

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