Have you ever wondered how to pair your favourite brew with your breakfast of choice? Below are 6 ways to explore Nigerian breakfast and coffee combo in the morning.

Having a cup of coffee is a morning ritual for many coffee lovers. Most times, people enjoy their coffee on its own or after a breakfast meal. In Nigeria, where breakfast is a celebration of a variety of foods and cultural influences, the coffee experience can vary with one’s breakfast of choice. In this article, we’ll see 6 ways to explore your Nigerian breakfast and coffee creating a fusion of flavours and energy that will kickstart your day.


Nigerian Breakfast and Coffee

Nigerian Breakfast and Coffee Pairings

Akara and Americano: A Crispy Start

Start your day with the perfect Nigerian breakfast pairing – Akara and Americano. The strong, rich flavours of Americano enhance the savoury goodness of Akara, creating a delightful contrast that will awaken your taste buds to the symphony of Nigerian breakfasts and coffee. You will leave the table energized and filled – a great combination for your morning.

Jollof Rice and Cold Brew: A Contemporary Fusion

Pairing Jollof Rice with a glass of cold-brew coffee adds a contemporary twist to your morning. In a generally warm clime like Nigeria, a cold brew is always a great choice. The combination of a cold brew complements the spiciness of Jollof Rice, creating a refreshing and deeply satisfying experience.

Nigerian Bread Breakfast and Cappuccino: Creamy Harmony

For those who prefer a typical bread breakfast, a Cappuccino is a great pairing. The frothy milk in the cappuccino compliments the typical bread breakfast creating a harmonious blend that will make your breakfast feel like a comforting embrace. The perfect Nigerian breakfast and coffee combination.


Moimoi and Espresso: A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Moimoi is a protein-packed Nigerian breakfast that pairs wonderfully with a shot of espresso. The intense and concentrated flavours of espresso complement the subtle feel of Moimoi, providing a quick pick-me-up for your morning.

Yam and French Press Coffee: Robust Elegance

Yam as breakfast deserves a coffee pairing that matches its robust nature. A French Press coffee takes the win here. French Press’ full-bodied and robust profile, compliments the earthy flavours of yam, creating a breakfast experience that is both elegant and hearty, giving you a nice feel for a productive day.

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Agege Bread and Latte: Sweet Indulgence

As a Nigerian, you already know Agege bread is different from regular bread so it makes sense that Agege bread has its own subtitle. For those with a sweet tooth, pairing the popular Agege Bread with a latte is a match made in breakfast heaven. The slightly sweet and fluffy texture of an Agege Bread complements the creamy sweetness of a latte, creating a sweet breakfast indulgence that feels like a morning treat. Just what you need to get that kick for the day ahead.


Empowering your mornings with your choice of Nigerian breakfast and coffee is not just about combining flavours; it’s about creating a memorable sensory experience that sets the tone for the day. Whether you opt for the crispy start of Akara with Americano or the sweet indulgence of Agege Bread with a latte, exploring these coffee and breakfast combinations will add a delightful twist to your mornings. So, enjoy the rich diversity of Nigerian flavours and make each morning a celebration of culture and coffee.

If you do not fancy any of the above options, you can expand your exploration with these suggestions.

Let me know what option you will be exploring.

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