Hey there, fellow coffee enthusiasts! Today’s journal entry is about my cold brew experiment this morning. A cold brew seems like a reasonable option in a country like Nigeria, with its hot climate. May my experiment inspire yours.


I watched with interest as the barista retrieved the kettle from its holder. I had never seen this kettle before. As he poured the contents into his mug, I noticed the coffee looked too light.

“It’s too light,” we said almost simultaneously. I didn’t even realize my words had come out until I heard them.

Noticing that the coffee turned out too light made me realize I was getting somewhere with my coffee knowledge.

Hopefully, my little experiment will spark some inspiration for your coffee escapades..

Cold Brew Experiment: A New Twist on an Old Favorite

Cold Brew Experiment

Frappuccino used to be my favourite type of coffee – probably because my sweet tooth ruled my taste buds. But then, I had a cappuccino and decided it was my new favourite way to coffee. Fast forward to yesterday, when I tried a Nigerian Arabica cold brew. Suddenly,  I got what ‘acquired taste’ meant. It was sweet with a hint of bitter undertone and oh-so-refreshing in Abuja’s relentless heat.

It hit me – there’s a whole world of coffee out there, waiting to be explored by flavour and experiential adventurers like us.

The next morning, I was craving that cold brew magic again. So, I finished off my stash of Nigerian Arabica cold brew but still wanted more cold brew.

I believe cold brews are great for the Nigerian climate. This is what I was trying to explore the first time I wrote about cold brews.

What I really like about the cold brew is not just the cool sensation but also the way the flavours unfold – a sweet initial taste with a tinge of bitter undertone, then the refreshing coolness – a stark contrast to the usual hot brews. This delightful experience inspired me to recreate this sensation at home. I was motivated to experiment with my cold brew method, hoping to experience that perfect balance of refreshment and flavour, again.

My Rookie Cold Brew Experiment at Home


In yoga school, they teach us to face our biases head-on.

So, when I decided to give cold brewing a shot, I had to confront my coffee-making assumptions. Instant coffee was my go-to and I figured out how to make it cold. Add ice blocks.

After weeks of soaking up all the coffee knowledge I could find, I knew the water-to-coffee ratio was key. Adding ice to my coffee meant I had to factor in how much water those ice cubes would melt into.

This experiment was perfect for a coffee newbie like me, my very own cold brew experimentation.

The Process:

I kicked things off with some instant coffee mix.

I boiled water in my electric kettle and added just enough to the mix to get a consistent texture.

Then, I tossed in a few ice cubes and let them work their magic.

As the ice cubes melted, my coffee became a cold, refreshing treat.

I even enjoyed it with some smaller ice blocks still floating around.

The result? A cold, flavorful coffee that hits all the right notes.

A little tip: Go easy on the hot water when mixing your coffee. Too much, and those ice cubes won’t stand a chance at keeping your brew cool and concentrated.

Tasting and Reflection:

So, the moment of truth – the taste test. I took a sip of my homemade cold brew, and let me tell you, it was as perfect as I imagined. It had a memorable blend of sweetness and bitterness, with the ice adding an extra layer of refreshment. Compared to the coffee shop version, mine had a fuller texture. It was like my taste buds were throwing a party, and everyone was invited.

This cold brew experiment made me see coffee in a whole new light. A cold brew is not just about the coolness; it’s about the flavours and how they unfold uniquely. My coffee journey has taken an exciting turn, and I’m all in for whatever comes next.


Were there any lessons from my rookie cold brew experiment? Well, yes! First off, making cold brew at home is easier than I thought. Sure, it’s a bit of a waiting game, but the result was so worth it. Plus, it’s a fun way to shake up your coffee routine and discover new, refreshing ways to coffee.

If you’re a coffee skeptic or just starting your coffee journey, give cold brewing a shot. You don’t need fancy equipment or a barista’s skills – just some coffee, water, ice, and patience. Who knows? You just might surprise yourself and find a new favourite way to enjoy coffee.

Closing Thoughts:

My coffee journey in the last 3 months has been the rice. Who knew that a rookie cold brew experiment would open up a whole new world of coffee for me? It’s been a journey of discovery, not just about the different ways to enjoy coffee, but also about how much fun it can be to experiment and try new things.

I am developing a profound appreciation for coffee. It’s not just a drink; it’s an experience, a sensory adventure, full of surprises. And the best part? This is just the beginning. So many more coffee experiments waiting to be explored, and I can’t wait to dive in.

If my cold brew experiment inspires you and you want to start your coffee adventure, why not grab a coffee journal or start here in the comments? It’s the perfect way to keep track of your experiments, tastes, and discoveries. Plus, it’s a great way to see how far you’ve come on your coffee journey.

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