If you’re like me, the mere mention of coffee conjures images of a steaming hot cup. As I type this, I see wisps of imaginary steam rising from my mental teacup. It’s an interesting phenomenon, considering that there’s a whole world of both hot and cold brews in coffee and coffee drinking.

Sipping a hot cup of coffee on a scorching afternoon is akin to the wig and gown lawyers in Nigeria wear in hot courtrooms. Or even the suits and ties people who brave the inevitable heat to look official –maybe you’re one of them. These choices aren’t really choices; they’re more like traditions we follow. But here’s the thing: your beloved coffee doesn’t have to go through the same heat ordeal. You have the power to make your coffee cool and refreshing, especially in Nigeria’s warm and sunny climate.

Yes, the traditional hot cup of java has its undeniable charm, and I won’t dare stage a comparison. I’m simply extending an invitation – to give cold brews a try the next time you visit your favourite coffee spot, especially if you’re in Nigeria.

So far in my coffee journey, I find myself leaning towards cold options, and I’d like to make a case for it.

4 Reasons You Should Try A Cold Brew (Especially if You Are in Nigeria)

1. Refreshing Coolness: A Perfect Fit for Nigeria’s Climate

Nigeria’s tropical climate makes a cold cup of coffee an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts. I prefer my coffee with ice in it.  A cold brew is not just a beverage; it’s a refreshing escape from the afternoon heat that dominates our weather. It is also your cool oasis amid scorching temperatures.

Glass of Iced Coffee - Cold Brew
A glass of Iced Coffee

2. Smooth and Mellow Flavor Profile: A Taste Sensation

Cold brew offers a unique flavour profile that stands out from traditional hot brews. Picture a smooth, mellow, and less bitter cup of coffee. This makes it an excellent option for those who crave the subtle notes of their coffee without the sharpness often associated with hot brewing.

In a place like Nigeria, where tastes tend to favour milder beverages, the smooth and mellow flavour of a cold cup of coffee makes it a compelling alternative to the more robust and intense hot cups we are accustomed to.

Cold Brew
A glass of Cold Brew

3. Convenience in a Glass: Anytime, Anywhere

The ease of preparing a cold brew makes it a perfect fit for the on-the-go lifestyle that many Nigerians lead. Once made, your cold brew can chill in the refrigerator, ready to offer you a refreshing cup whenever you desire.

This convenience is particularly valuable in a busy environment where the need for a quick and accessible caffeine fix is essential. Cold brew provides the flexibility to enjoy a quality cup of coffee without the need for immediate preparation, making it an ideal companion for those busy days.

4. Healthier Brew: Lower Acidity, Lower Calories

Cold brews are a healthier alternative to traditional hot coffee. The extended steeping process results in a coffee with lower acidity, reducing the risk of discomfort for individuals with sensitive stomachs. Additionally, they tend to have a lower calorie content compared to some sugary coffee beverages, making it a sensible choice for those conscious of their health.

In a culture where health-conscious decisions are increasingly valued, the combination of a refreshing taste and health benefits of a cold cup of coffee is an attractive option for coffee enthusiasts in Nigeria.

As the coffee culture in Nigeria continues to evolve, the rise of cold brews is a refreshing and welcomed trend. With its ability to beat the heat, provide a smooth flavour profile, offer convenience, and present health benefits, it is more than just a fad – it’s a delicious and practical choice for coffee lovers in Nigeria’s warm climate.

Coffee Poured in Ice cream (Affogato)

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For extended information about coffee in Nigeria, check out the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria.


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