Nigeria's locally produced and processed Arabica and Robusta Coffee beans.

We take pride in locally made quality products that meet the standard and expectations of coffee lovers across the globe. We're currently giving a FREE taste of a sample of our coffee.

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Our Story began in 2020 from the rich high-altitude region of Taraba State, one of the North Eastern Nigerian states created in 1991.  From the experienced hands of more than 600 coffee farmers as red berries in the farms to creating the absolute best coffee blend and brew just for you.

We ensure that you acquire satisfaction that transcends quality sensory feel and taste. Zuma Coffee brings you a deep sense of belonging to our rich African heritage. The enchanting delicious aroma, those warm smiles, the exceptional taste and the connection. Coffee makes every moment good, We bring out the best of every moment making it worthwhile. And you get a feeling, it's called ZUMA COFFEE! We have captured the incomparable goodness of coffee in a cup. When you purchase a cup of Zuma, we deeply focus on ensuring that you acquire a satisfaction that transcends quality sensory feel and taste. Therefore, we can boast that our coffee brings you a deep sense of belonging to our rich African heritage.


Green Coffee Beans

Carefully selected Arabica beans planted by our specially trained farmers on the Mambila plateau

Roasted Coffee

A perfect blend of elegance and culture, the creativity deployed into Zuma's roasted coffee gives life to the distinct aroma and flavour

Zuma Flavours

Encounter the extraordinary aroma and taste that arouses your senses, mind and body to a great start with Zuma Blaze.

Our store 

Shop for roasted coffee, and freshly processed green coffee beans.

Zuma Coffee Tasting 

We create a culture of joy and passion during our coffee-tasting event in Abuja where every coffee lover is welcomed.

Our Partners

Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN), The National Coffee and Tea Association of Nigeria (NACOFTAN), Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC)