Abuja’s cafe culture has greatly evolved since the lockdown. They have gone beyond just sipping espresso to becoming important spots for work and productivity among freelancers, digital nomads, and remote workers. Because the City naturally attracts tourists, business people, and freelancers seeking flexible and convenient work locations, the demand for alternative spaces that offer comfort and productivity drives the need for these cafes over traditional office environments.

This trend is a significant shift in workplace dynamics as more people can now work remotely.

In this post, I explore the top 10 best cafes to work from in Abuja.

Whether you are a freelancer with no stable location or a remote worker visiting Abuja, these cafes are equipped with Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a conducive working environment.

Before we get to the list of the best cafes to work from in Abuja, let’s look at the origin of cafes and why people like them so much.

What Is A Cafe

wall of a coffee house with art and coffee assesories

The word “cafe” comes from the French word “café,” which means coffee. This term itself stems from the Italian “caffè,” derived from the Turkish “kahve,” which in turn comes from the Arabic “qahwa,” originally a term for a type of wine. The spread of coffeehouses across Europe helped to popularize the term in various languages, leading to the emergence of the modern cafe.

The beverage was introduced in Venice in 1615 and in France by the 1650s by merchants and travellers who had been to Turkey and Egypt. The first public Europeancafé might have been one opened in Marseilles in 1660. Cafe society “people who frequent fashionable dining spots, night-clubs, etc.” is from 1922.

Types of Cafes

Traditional Cafes: These types of cafes focus on providing coffee and light meals, and a venue for social interaction.

Specialty Coffee Shops: These focus on bean quality, brewing artistry, and properly sourced beans.

Themed Cafes: These range from cats to book cafes. And more adventurous types like maid cafes in Japan, each offering unique experiences.

Internet Cafes: I can’t believe they still exist, to be honest.  These cafes cater to gamers and digital nomads worldwide in this digital age.

History of Cafes

Cafes first emerged in the Middle East, during the Ottoman Empire. By the 15th century, Istanbul and Damascus opened the early coffeehouses, which became spots for social gatherings, lively debates, and political discussions. By the 21st century, cafes have adapted to modern needs and technologies – Working spaces within cafes are becoming commonplace.

If productivity while sipping a latte sounds like something you’d like, you should check out any of the cafes below –

view of pots an dbags of coffee beans and a coffee scale
Best Cafes To Work From In Abuja

Top 5 Best Cafes To Work From In Abuja

  1. Salamander Cafe – The ‘og’ of cafes, Salamander Cafe has carved a niche among locals and tourists as a go-to place for various gatherings – from casual coffee dates to formal professional gatherings. What sets Salamander Cafe apart is its combination of indoor and outdoor seating, accommodating all preferences and weather. The cafe boasts a unique literary twist with a dedicated book corner that features an array of works by Nigerian authors
  2. Vintage Cafe – A tranquil workspace in Abuja. It’s a hidden gem in a calm atmosphere for remote work or study. The cafe features a cozy ambiance and welcoming staff. This enhances productivity. You’ll discover ample room, perfect for solo tasks or group meetings.
  3. Cafechocolatabuja – Wifi Friendly Cafe in Abuja, offering complimentary Wi-Fi—an essential amenity for individuals needing to work or study remotely. The cafe provides a serene and conducive atmosphere for productivity, making it an optimal choice for those seeking a quiet yet efficient workspace
  4. The Classic Rock Cafe – Beyond its energetic ambiance, what truly sets it apart is its meticulous attention to detail, like the Rock and Roll theme. The guitars adorning the walls, tables crafted from drums, and artful pictures encased in records, the cafe exudes a quirky yet endearing charm that captivates visitors.
  5. Zuma Coffee – Zuma Coffee stands out as the premier cafe for professionals looking for a serious, office-like ambiance with the comfort and accessibility of their favourite cup of coffee. Sitting on the 3rd floor at Abia House – a building of offices and office activity, Zuma Coffee is strategically positioned to cater to the needs of working individuals. Get your free coffee beans sample here.

Conclusion –

It is no longer strange to see cafes with book corners and some even host book readings and signings. Cafes as alternate workspaces are becoming commonplace these days and if you are a remote worker, a freelancer or a digital nomad. You can pop in any of those cafes to enjoy your coffee and also get some productivity.

Good luck.